Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orange Fab?

We are a fellowship program connecting startups to corporations for strategic investments and partnership opportunities. We provide our fellows with access to global enterprises, events, a business trip to Paris, on-demand office space and much more. Check our startup page to know more.

Who can join Orange Fab?

US-based startups with an existing product, willing to land new customers, explore new markets or raise a new round. We are industry agnostic, as long as you have an interesting technology and traction with our partners, we're in!

How do I join the program?

You can apply on our platform here. If you want to meet with us in person, you can also come to our events by signing up here.

Do you take equity/fees?

NO. We don't take equity or money, and we are not exclusive. Our goal is to maintain our competitive advantage by working/partnering/investing in your startup. It's a win/win relationship.

How long am I a fellow for if I get selected?

We are faithful folks. Once you join our community, it's (almost) forever.

I'm not US-based, who can I talk to?

Don't you worry, Orange Fab has a presence in 15 countries. We operate independently so if you are interested in another location, you can check the websites below: [fab websites]

More questions? Contact us at