Fab Connect program agenda

October // Orientation

Welcome and meet your peers
Program Dates: Oct 16-18

Orientation week is our first opportunity to meet as a group and connect participating startups with the Fab Connect network. More specifically, we’ll introduce participating founders to our community of mentors, investors and corporate partners. Orientation will also focus on laying the groundwork and expectations for the upcoming months.

Key Topics:
Mentor Introductions
Fab Connect has recruited a pool of +30 mentors across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. We’ll work with you to identify the key people that can help answer your questions.

Technical Resources
Google, Microsoft and Nvidia are contributing engineering office hours, credits for cloud services and access to their technology platforms. This is our opportunity to onboard those resources and help you identify the technical knowledge you need.

November // Investor & Partnership Development

Connect with Fab Connect Partners
Program Dates: Nov 5-8

November centers on connecting with our venture capital and corporate partners. This week will feature two tracks dedicated to fundraising and collaboration opportunities. Each track will feature speakers from our partner group dedicated to specific topics.

Key Topics:
Fundraising & Equity
Finding the right investors can be a difficult and time consuming process. During this set of workshops Fab Connect’s venture capital mentors will cover multiple topics related to fundraising, equity, board governance, and how to engage the right investors for your company.

  • Pitching & Term Sheet Negotiation
  • Key Legal Concepts & Equity Considerations
  • Advisor/ Board Governance Strategies

Corporate Innovation
Each of our corporate partners has an innovation strategy that centers on partnerships and external solutions. During this set of workshops our partners will share their innovation challenges, partnership processes and industry knowledge.

  • Industry Trends and Insights
  • Pilot/ PoC Process
  • Partnership Opportunities

December // Follow Up

Growth and Product
Program Dates: Dec 3-6

December will focus on the expertise of our entrepreneur mentors and product specialists. This week will also provide an opportunity for founders to check in with Fab Connect’s mentor community to share progress and updates.

Key Topics:
In this series of workshops, Mentors will share with you their experience as founders or product managers. This session will focus on entrepreneurs who may have a market-fit product and are preparing to scale their customer base. Mentors will provide strategic and tactical growth advice to help you build a growth strategy aligned with the marketing, sales and engineering teams.

  • Growth Hacking
  • Scaling Up/ Go To Market

Product Design
In the Design sessions, Mentors will help you address the challenges of IoT design such as communicating business insights via simple yet informative visualizations, building trust in your product and designing it for optimal security. Mentors will also discuss best practices and share their feedback.

  • Human Centered Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Iterating/ Prototyping
  • Trust & Security

January // Outcomes

Program conclusion & future engagement
Program Dates: TBD

While the program ends, we’re certain the dialogue with our partners will continue. We understand investment decisions and pilot engagements with our partners will follow their own timeline. Fab Connect alumni are invited to continue participating in Orange SIlicon Valley network. We’ll do our best to keep our founders top of mind as opportunities arise within Orange’s international network.