Interview: How Michelin and Pixlee connected through Orange Fab

24 April 2019 / / By Colette Wright

Orange Fab curates introductions between some of the world’s best known corporations and rising tech startups in the Bay Area. Few matches exemplify this outcome as well as Michelin and Pixlee.

Michelin, a world-renowned tire manufacturer and guide publisher, has worked with Orange Fab for a few years. Fab connected Michelin with San Francisco-based Pixlee, to bolster Michelin’s branding and website content.

Pixlee specializes in marketing and branding for large corporations, using photos and videos from real people to showcase products. Thanks to their introduction through Orange Fab, Michelin currently works with Pixlee on its famous Michelin guides.

Orange Fab sat down with Anthony Reyes, the Director of Digital partnerships at Michelin, who has worked directly with Orange Fab. He gave us some insight into his experience working with Fab and Pixlee, explaining how their work has enabled Michelin to achieve its digital goals.

Orange Fab: What does your work at Michelin involve, and what are your goals for the company?

Anthony Reyes: I am the Director of Digital Partnerships at Michelin, and also a part of the Corporate Digital Group within the company. The Corporate Digital Group manages all digital tools, that are for the most part outward facing. My job touches almost every area of the company, from manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and distribution.

I have two primary goals. The first is to lead a liaison between Michelin and large partners such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. I make sure we are reaching out to and making connections with all the right people at these companies for the different projects we work on. My second goal is to keep an eye out for all the digital technologies that could affect our group, or that could accelerate what we’re doing at the company.

OF: How did you first connect with Orange Fab, and what were you initially looking for when you joined the program?

AR: Michelin has been undergoing a major digital transformation process over the last three years, and I was already connected with Fab. I was working  to uncover different new startups that could help  move things forward in our business, whether in marketing, supply chain, or anything else that was relevant to our work.

OF: Michelin was connected with the startup Pixlee through Orange Fab. Can you talk a little about that?

AR: As I mentioned, I’ve been working with Orange Fab to uncover startup technologies that could have an impact on some part of our business, or something we need help on. I was frequently asking Fab about any potential startup partners that were in the consumer guide space, and Pixlee was one of the companies that was mentioned. They focused on user generated content, with great technologies, and a great platform. We met Pixlee and were amazed with what they could do and the sophistication of their platform.

OF: Why do you think Pixlee is a good match for your company?

AR: Pixlee understands how high profile brands tell their story and the quality of the photographs, videos, and content they provide is what we’re looking for when we post anything on our website. They were a good fit from the start. When Pixlee showed us different examples of what they’ve done for other companies, we knew right away they had the right sensibility for the Michelin brand. The technology was amazing, and we felt confident they could provided what we needed, and they do.

One thing I especially like about Pixlee, and a lot of other companies in the Silicon Valley startups space is their attention to detail, their hunger, and their followup. They are consistent and top notch companies, you can tell they are very talented. When they present something, it’s high end, crisp, and smart.

OF: What are some projects that Michelin and Pixlee have worked on?

AR: Pixlee helps us source photos and videos for our websites and apps. They also help us track and analyze how well all of our photos and videos perform, and what types of content do better than others.

OF: Why was your partnership with Fab and Pixlee beneficial?

AR: I like that there is no preconceived notion of what Orange is, which allows people to come in with a more open mind. Every time that I go to an event hosted by Orange Silicon Valley, or introduced to a partner of OSV, the experience is of excellent quality. This is a great operation, they do really great work. I’m happy to be a part of it, to interact with Fab, and to attend all of their events.

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