Introducing Orange Fab, phase 2

15 February 2018 / , / By Guillaume Payan

We launched Orange Fab in 2013 with the goal of getting closer to tech startups and augmenting our ability to bring innovation to Orange customers and our own internal operations.

In 2015, we launched Fab Force as an extension of the Orange Fab program by bringing together corporate partners to offer startups more distribution and investment opportunities. Our win/win/win engagement model provides startups and corporate partners mutual access to an extensive qualified network. In turn, Orange Fab will continue to attract great companies and teams.


Orange Fab Platform

Since Orange Fab’s inception, we ran through seven seasons; worked with more than 50 startups, 60 corporations and CVCs; and created a community of about 100 entrepreneurs. We took our learnings and remodeled Orange Fab to serve the emerging needs of our startups and partners that we identified in order to generate the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Today, we are leveraging learnings from the past five years of operating experiences and our extensive innovation ecosystem to make Orange Fab a platform that connects startups and corporations for strategic investments and partnership opportunities.


Today, we are also introducing the
Orange Fab Fellowship for startups

The Orange Fab Fellowship is tailored for Series A or B startups. The program is entirely free (Orange asks for zero equity). Applications are ongoing and we will select 10 startups per year to receive dedicated business development support. Selected startups – aka “Fellows” – gain access to our network of 150+ corporations and mentorship from industry experts, VCs, and CVCs.

More specifically:

  1. Ongoing business development support with our extended network of 150+ corporations
  2. Access to our networks of VCs and CVCs with whom we co-invested
  3. Access to our network of mentors
  4. Business development trip in Paris: We will organize a business trip to Paris for you
  5. Invitations to all our events, access to office space


Fab Force 2.0

Our partners’ engagement is key to the success of our program. To make that happen, we are modifying Fab Force to maximize the benefits to our corporate partners. Fab Force now operates around industry verticals led by corresponding experts from Orange Silicon Valley. Partners gather twice a year in San Francisco for our Fab Force Summit, a three-day event where they meet and work with investors, experts, and startups (You can read about the last one here).

We believe a greater network will lead to greater opportunities, which will increase all participants’ access to high quality deal flow. We continue to believe joining forces will benefit everyone.


Join us!

If you are a US-based startup looking to expand your customer base and fundraise from corporate investors, or if you are a corporation looking to access a qualified dealflow of startups operating in your industry, come join us:

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