The 1st annual Startup Summit: Getcha’ pong on

12 October 2017 / / By Kaila Lawrence

Orange Fab’s first annual Startup Summit was a smash hit! (That’s ping-pong speak for freakin’ awesome.) The goal of the day was to bring together all our cherished Fellows and some potential new ones to talk about what’s new with Fab and each other. And, of course, whack a few balls around over some cocktails at SPiN on Folsom.

Guillaume Payan, Director of Orange Fab, kicked things off by first giving an overview about Orange Fab and what we can do for startups. We had several of our Council leads from Orange Silicon Valley with us and they each spoke briefly about what they do and how they can help founders in areas of focus like Fintech, Africa, Smart Cities, Ecommerce, and more. We had over 30 startups in the room, and they had lots of great questions and insightful conversations that continued throughout the day.

We introduced our keynote speaker, Patrick Lee, the founder of Rotten Tomatoes and several other startups to discuss his process as a serial entrepreneur and leadership in pressure situations. He spoke about how Rotten Tomatoes came to be, challenges he faced along the way, and what’s he’s up to now. What were the three best lessons you ask?

  1. Don’t underestimate bootstrapping. Stay lean, and you’ll survive anything.
  2. Companies started with friends tend to be the most successful.
  3. Get creative when pitching. Don’t just tell; show your direct impact on their business.

Then, the real fun began.

We had 5 tables rented out at SPiN, and 3 professional players (yes, real professionals–I checked) to help us organize a tournament and fun games where all of us could play at once. We had prizes, drinks, and lots of laughs. There are some surprisingly talented players in our office! (I got my butt kicked by interns and I’m still pretty bitter about it.)

It was a blast getting the old band back together and meeting some new friends, too. We hope to see everyone next year!

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