iUNU raises $6 million in Series A funding

5 September 2017 / , / By Xavier de Boisredon

The Seattle-based industrial computer vision company that turns greenhouses into data-driven manufacturing plants, iUNU (pronounced “you knew”), raised $6 million in Series A in funding from 2nd Avenue Partners, Initialized Capital, Fuel Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, and others.

The Orange Fab Fellow iUNU has developed a machine learning and computer vision software to track and predict individual plants’ health for large-scale applications like greenhouses or farms. They connect plants, facilities, and people through a single interface, LUNA, now widely available. LUNA uses HD cameras and sensors to monitor growth and small changes in the plants’ health, as well as detect potential problems and provide growers with precise insights to manage their greenhouses wisely.

For instance, LUNA provides insights on growth progression, insect contamination, light levels, and the overall ratio of crops that are early, ready for harvest, or late.

“When we saw how differentiated LUNA is from the other solutions in this space, we knew we had to invest in iUNU,” said Liquid 2 Ventures in a statement. “LUNA provides a truly comprehensive understanding of each plant’s health and growth, focused on the plant’s actual performance, not just the environment around it. Closing the control loop has the potential to change the equation of the economics of commercial-scale, indoor horticulture.”

iUNU’s long-term goal is to enable growers to produce the right amount of crops thanks to data-driven machine learning analysis by predicting the amount of plants necessary to satisfy retailers’ orders.

We are incredibly proud to have worked with Adam and the rest of the iUNU team during their time at Orange Fab. We look forward to hearing more of their continued success!

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