Pixlee: The MVP of UGC

1 June 2017 / , / By Kaila Lawrence

Stock photos are so 2004… Pixlee is here changing the game of how brands rake in engagement online. Well actually, they just recognized a universal truth and built something to capitalize on it and we’re all just bitter we didn’t think of it first. Better yet, it actually works. Bottom line – Pixlee rocks.

Pixlee is an online visual marketing platform that helps curate, manage, and publish user generated content, or UGC. So what the heck is UGC? User generated content is when an unpaid consumer of a product or service makes public content that promotes a brand. All those little teeny-boppers and their mountain of Instagram pictures with the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino? UGC. A Snapchat selfie with a Coke bottle that has your name on it? UCG. A swanky LA fashion blogger writing about five ways to wear an Urban Outfitters cardigan? UCG. It’s everywhere, and average, everyday people post it all the time. Naturally, someone with a lot of followers to organically promote your brand is the dream (helloooo Kim Kardashian) and somewhere in between is where Pixlee was born.

Photos were becoming a form of communication for the products, places, and people that you love.
— Kyle Wong

Pixlee is a one-stop shop for omni-channel marketing management. The platform can handle anything from image recognition technology that filters the best content, to comprehensive reporting on content performance. It can help discover your biggest brand advocates and measure their social footprint, turn your Instagram into a shoppable storefront, set up and manage social media contests, email marketing campaigns… on and on! It’s no wonder massive brands like Levi’s, Keurig, Coke, Rawlings, Kenneth Cole, and Carnival (just to name a few) have gotten on the proverbial Pixlee bandwagon.

The TL;DR? Their platform helps brands use real consumers’ photos to increase sales. Pixlee reports an average of 2x conversion rates, 6% order value increase, and 21% social media source traffic increase. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s your bankroll. #chaching

As a content creator myself, after I finished fangirling I chatted with CEO Kyle Wong to get the skinny on where Pixlee started and where they’re going.

How did you team up and decide this idea was worth pursuing as a business?

As millennial consumers, we saw how social media was playing a major role in the way that young customers shopped. When we first started the company, Instagram had just released an Android app, yet the underlying trend was still there–that photos were becoming a form of communication for the products, places, and people that you love.  Over the past few years, we’ve been very lucky that the amount and quality of mobile photos sharing increased exponentially.

What has been the company’s biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for Pixlee, and for a lot of other promising startups, is focus. We’re very fortunate to be working in a really exciting space that impacts some of the world’s largest brands.

There is never a challenge around finding new things to do, new products to build, or finding potential customers. The real challenge is saying no to good opportunities so that we can focus and double down on the great opportunities. As we grow as a company, that focus becomes ever more important because you have a lot of moving parts and projects that need to be aligned.

Describe your proudest moment with the company and what it meant to you.

Our proudest moment is knowing that we helped give many of our employees an opportunity to break into tech and accelerate their careers. I’m always the most excited when I see individual growth in our employees. For some of them, they didn’t have traditional “tech” experience before joining Pixlee and we were able to take a chance on them and put them in a position to thrive.

Where do you envision Pixlee 5 years from now?

We want to be the most important company for the next generation for marketing. We believe that authentic visual marketing will play a major role in the future and Pixlee will be at the center of it.

Your brand’s Instagram feels kind of empty now, doesn’t it? If you’re interested in learning more or requesting a demo, contact Pixlee here. Your e-commerce manager will thank you.

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