Reunion recap and BIG news

9 February 2017 / / By Kaila Lawrence
Add us on Snapchat @orangefabsf

Add us on Snapchat @orangefabsf

The Orange Fab family is a force to be reckoned with on their own. But, when you squeeze the staff and all seven seasons into one adorably tiny bar deep in the Mission district of San Francisco, it. Gets. REAL.

February 8th, all of Orange Fab past and present arrived at 20 Spot for food, libations, and reminiscing. And cupcakes. (And yes, that is a custom Snapchat filter. PS – Follow us.) We did roll call and discovered a representative from every season was present, even waaaaay back to Season 1. Totally warmed our hearts. We had the best time seeing all our startups again and catching up on where they are now. We feel like proud parents.

Totally unplanned (we swear), the reunion party coincided with some changes within the Orange Fab team. What better time to make the announcement than with all our beloved baby unicorns all in one place. The bad (read: bittersweet) news first…


We announced the departure of Pascale Diaine, lead of the Orange Fab program. Pascale began her adventure at Orange 15 years ago as an intern, and 10 years later helped build the flagship Fab program from the ground up. Now, in 2017 there are 11 other Fab programs worldwide spreading the startup love. She certainly made her mark at Orange, and we are extremely grateful for having worked with her. She is on to her next adventure as a Principal at Storm Ventures.

BUT – with every exit comes an entry, and thus we also announced the new head of Fab, Guillaume Payan. Hailing from France, Guillaume has worked at Orange Silicon Valley for 7 years as a Principal. He co-founded the Fab program and helped it grow and flourish for the last 5 years. We are honored to have him at the helm, and look forward to him leading Fab into the future.

Keeping the good news rolling, we also announced a new full time employee to the team, Kaila Lawrence. Kaila joins Fab as a Community Manager and is responsible for all things social, email, and marketing within the Fab and Orange Silicon Valley communities. Don’t be alarmed if you see her snooping around on your LinkedIn or Twitter pages. We promise she’s friendly.

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