10 reasons you should apply to Orange Fab

20 April 2016 / / By Kaila Lawrence

1. We offer up to $20k as an uncapped note and we take no equity. No, that’s not a typo. Zero equity.

There’s no catch. Your money is your money, and we want to keep it that way. (P.S. the $20k is optional. Take it or leave it, baby!)

2. You need distribution and we want to give it to you.

Need partnerships? How about Visa? Hilton? Maybe LG’s more your style? (We could keep going, but then we’d be bragging…) Orange Fab has just stepped up its distribution game by bringing in big partners like the ones listed below as part of our Fab Force program. Want more info? Check out www.orangefab.com



3. The person who first said “all work and no play” isn’t welcome here.

Rumor has it our regular happy hours are kind of a big deal… Foosball challenge, anyone?

4. One-on-one sessions with awesome mentors, every week.

Have a million questions? Our mentors have a million and one answers. And unlike your last cell phone bill, there are no overage fees for talking to them too much.

5. You fantasize about kidnapping Justin Kan and locking him in a room with you.

Well fantasize no more, we’re here to make dreams come true. We’ll put you in a room with many others like him, every week for a group session. Plus, dinner’s always on us. #booyakasha

6. You need office space? We’ve got office space!

Move in-house to be closer to all your new friends and important peeps who walk through our building on the daily. And oh yeah, have we mentioned the view? See next point.

7. What view? This view. And we’re going to make this view, your view.

8. Did we mention the Demo Days? One in the heart of all things tech: Silicon Valley!

You’ll get to show off what you’ve been working on to a room full of techie startup-lovers interested in you and your idea (and hey, maybe they’ll even decide to invest). Curious on the 2nd Demo Day? See #9.

9. You probably don’t need any more convincing but… Paris anyone?

We want you to succeed because after all, your success is our success. So we’re going to do everything we can to increase your chances of distribution, potentially including flying you out to meet Orange Exec’s in France for startups particularly well-aligned with Orange. (And yes, we pay for everything.)

10. You’ll be working with the best accelerator team ever. We got your back!

This really should have been number one but we like to save the best for last.
Best of all, you can apply now to join Orange Fab, through June 1st.
How’s that for a pretty sweet deal?

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