Want to work with AXA?

20 May 2015 / / By Kaila Lawrence

With 103 million customer across 57 countries, AXA is a Global Fortune 500 investment banking firm with services across investment management, insurance, securities, and more. AXA is on the lookout for partnerships for its innovation and strategic investment teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Want to partner with AXA? Interested in learning how innovation will shape the financial space? Email info@orangefab.com for an invitation to our private info session.


AXA Labs, based in San Francisco, aims to connect with leading companies and startups in the technology industry that have the potential to become business partners for AXA’s global marketing and distribution teams.

  • Guillaume Cabrère, CEO, AXA Lab
  • Thibaut Loilier, Analyst, AXA Lab

AXA Strategic Ventures, is a €200M venture capital fund dedicated to emerging strategic innovations relevant to insurance, asset management, financial technology and healthcare service industries.

  • Trista Van Tine, Associate, AXA Strategic Ventures


Our partners from AXA Labs and AXA Strategic Ventures will discuss AXA Group’s latest initiatives and share insights across financial technology and services


Thursday, May 28 @6PM. Email info@orangefab.com for details

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